CEO Message

Takashi Saruta

Representative Director,
President and CEO

I took over the role of President and CEO of Sumitomo Mitsui DS Asset Management as of April 2020.

A year ago in April 2019, we outlined our commitment to become “the Best Asset Management Firm for Your Better Quality of Life” at the start of the newly merged company. Since then, we have strived to provide top-quality investment performances and services as “professionals” based on the fulfillment of fiduciary duties.

The world was hit by an unprecedented threat, namely the coronavirus outbreak, just when we were feeling a good response in our business toward the slogan “From saving to asset building”. Looking back into the history, we have frequently faced major crises such as Black Monday, the bubble burst in Japan, the Asian crises, the bursting of the bubble, the global financial crisis and so on. But we have overcome all of them by mobilizing all available resources across the world. Financial markets made a comeback and the global economy kept expanding. We must conquer the latest threat as well by orchestrating the wisdom of mankind and I’m sure we can do it.

I think sustainability will be required furthermore from now on in various aspects, given the current chaotic circumstances. That is, our mission as an asset management company is to steadily boost our investment performance in absolute terms and simultaneously improve risk adjusted return so that our customers can successfully build their assets for the long-term. To this end, it becomes more important than ever to sort out based on in-depth research from various points of view including ESG and invest in industry, company, security, product, real estate etc. which can achieve sustainable growth. I believe that our everyday efforts will eventually improve sustainability of the whole world in the long run.

To fulfill this mission, I will urge each employee to adopt our five values, namely "Sincerity”, “Challenge”, “Agility”, “Passion” and “Teamwork" as a code of conduct and also commit himself/herself as a professional to contribute to our customers’ Quality of Life.

We hope you'll be looking forward to our future.

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